An article this summer posted by the New York Times in which a recent survey was carried out with regards to how women behave today in our contemporary, digitalised, and egalitarian society.

Women love and modernityThe study showed that one major change which has come very much to light, illuminated by the beam of novelty in expression, women no longer shut up about how they are treated, what they feel, what they are experiencing, when it comes to what’s going on or not going on in the bedroom here too women also have the right to a view. Since the beginning of their social role they have been confined to the “home” now they run it from A-Z, in the workplace too a change has occurred, over spilling into the world at large, where women have gone from invisible to visible.

Has the struggle the fight changed them you wonder, the answer is yes, to some extent.
Those once silent desires and oppressed sexual appetites are a silence of the past, having spent decades gagged and hushed up obeying the male rhythm of things and sexual needs, this new modern female, this sexual predator comes under scrupulous observation, and criticism as she leaves too allows herself to leave her marriage and the traditional role reserved for her at home.
She leaves with the ambition of finding a job where she can put her knowledge to use, to find a sense of accomplishment, she strives to do a better job than her male contenders, gain more financial independence, find better career opportunities, allowing for a lifestyle of new accomplishments.
No longer do women feel the commitment to have children, to stay at home, to be the girl of only one guy, to stay out of harm’s way, to be driven everywhere, to be the family health secretary when someone is ill, do the laundry the ironing, wash the dishes, cook, clear the table, have opinion of her own, and so the list of cliché goes on…

Now women can enjoy the company of younger men should they so desire, women assume their sexual phantasies, take tough and unpopular decisions and stances on all fronts, in fact women very much enjoy being in the driver’s seat so to speak.
But who are the women that have made this possible, what are the sacrifices they have had to make, what has inspired these changes?
But let us not forget too that in 2019 in the USA abortion is prohibited in States of Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia. “2019 has become the year when anti-abortion politicians make clear that their ultimate agenda is banning abortion outright, at any stage in pregnancy and for any reason,” Elizabeth Nash of the Guttmacher Institute wrote earlier this year.  Step forward steps backward!

Some sociologist have suggested that the book, “ 50 Shades of grey” has played a huge role in this sexual drive shift, women now express, share, exchange, publicise, their sexual desires and phantasies, among themselves and quite freely on social media and other platforms of communication. This does however seem reserved for women over 30 whom have already had children “Mommy Porn”. Among the younger generations teens in particular have remained indifferent to such literature, not to say put off by sex, and sexual relationships after having been exposed either to the books or film.
However is goes without saying that over the past few decades honestly, such powerful, successful, exposed, challenging public figures as Michelle Obama, Angela Merkel, Malala Yousafzai and Meghan Markle have given women, power, a voice of reason, wisdom, courage, and a united face in struggle, of equality, with more and more younger women joining the public spotlight and opening new doors this surely is just the beginning of the vast change and transformation to come.

Women, the force…

Cannes women equal rightsYet with this change must women transform from loving caring beings into heartless, ruthless war machines out there making the change, I think not as women have found a voice that they are using collectively to be heard and bring about change, they stand united and erase any self-worth or self-gain for the greater cause and that is perhaps where the real force and change is, in the simple fact that there is always a bigger cause than simply your own and women have a natural instinct to defend and preserve as opposed to hunt and kill.