Dating for the over 60’s on the world wide web

For sure it can be both confusing and scary, which app, which website, how to take your selfie portrait photo, speaking about yourself, the immensity of choice, how to start an online conversation, understanding the online dating world’s language. We get it, we truly do.

Hence this article to help take away some of the mist and fear from online dating, after all millions of others are doing it so why not you too!

Let us start with some of the language

To Zombie, to weed, to ghost, to breadcrumb, to gaslight are but a few of the new words (lets hope you will not have to add them to your vocabulary) the first one zombie, is when someone has ghosted you (does not return calls, message or respond in any way on or through social media) reappears hence the term zombie ( and zombies are very much in vogue just now) when you Weed, means that you no longer keep these ghosts or other disrespectful encounters within your social media sphere or telephone contacts. Breadcrumbed speaks for it’s really it is when you keep leading someone on but you never really meet, that person remains virtual, gaslighting is when someone manipulates you psychologically into doubting your own sanity, the term comes from a 1940’s film based on a play, which sees a man emotionally manipulate his wife using gas lamps.  So that should start you off on the vocabulary front. 

Then there are all the different websites to choose from

Look for the one that has key words and core values that you feel strongly about and that you share, then read through some of the profiles and remarks that people have added to express their expectations and desires, do you see yourself joining that community?  If the answer is yes then sign right up!

Go on and browse, check out some of the comments written by its members. But most importantly, take your time, do your research, find those common factors and then sign up and get your profile out there.

Taking the selfie or your portrait shot

If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, then have a friend come over and make it more fun, try to avoid photos in the bathroom as the lighting can often be too strong, if the weather is nice try to take some photos outdoors with softer natural light, wear clothes that fit your personality don’t try to be someone else, sunglasses although they may feel comfortable to hide behind and look good they are no-no too, a nice smile, tilt you head a little to the side, chin up and off you go. You can also ask friends to send you photos they have taken of you too, sometimes our friends see us differently, once you have a nice stock, have a good look then choose one that you feel represents you the best and get it up on your profile.

 The world of online dating

The truth is that more and more singles find their soulmates through online dating than any other kind of dating, and it is the case the world over, millions and millions of singles go online every day and hundreds of thousands join online dating websites each day, so why would you not want to join up and increase your chances of finding a soulmate too?.

There are hundreds of websites in the UK alone, so image just how many there are the world over, there are websites for gays, for religious faiths, for the physically challenged, for zodiac sings and so it goes on. There are also plenty for those over 50 that are free and easy to subscribe to, there really is no shame on becoming a member of any of them and joining the new age on dating. 

The scariest part is understanding how it works

Using your mobile phone, home computer or laptop you simply download the app onto your phone and follow the installation instructions, or on your laptop or desk computer, you look for the web site you have chosen using Google or your research engine, once the IP address has come up on your screen with their web site you click on the link and simply follow what is requested to become a member, create your profile and then off you go on your search for that special someone, soulmate, friends,  lovers and even future spouses. 

Once you have become a member, (depending on the web site) different phases and options will be offered to you. However basically you can start to scroll through the web sites  members profile database, then flag those that appeal to you, then send out a message, chat via the online chatlines provide by the web site, get to know each other a little more, fix a date, meet up in real life and then the rest is down to you.

Remember never to send any money to someone you virtually chat with, never make promises to help get people you have met online into the country, and always listen to your instincts.