Looking for an investor We are looking for a Business Angel, a VC or anyone who will be able to provide us with financial support but also added value (whether in terms of experience or in terms of networking). Context and objectives In the history of Earth’s evolution, unlike dinosaurs, small mammals have constantly adapted […]

Interview with a serial dater

    The inns and outs of the online dating world through the eyes of a serial dater. What is a serial dater? A serial dater is someone who initially becomes a member of an online dating site seeking love, and quickly discovers the vast choice of women out there. Now before this vast potential […]

The human heart is not a commodity

The human heart is not a commodity

The dating world has it become a market The dating market of 2020  leaves us all wondering if have hearts have become goods that are to be traded to the highest bidder, profile photos used as branding to attract a greater part of the market share, is this really what things have come to? So […]

Dating while dying, yes you can!

Read an interesting headline in the New York Times, “dying dating” «Can I date while dying? » What a thought, immediately you want to respond by saying « yes of course, we all need love ». Then the good old saying « it is better to have loved and been love than to have never […]

The postive impact of feminism in the dating world!

Changes in the dating world Which  changes have made a difference? With feminism and other egalitarian movements making progress and bringing evolution to our modernising world, it would seem that the changes taking place are a win-win all round, women feel that they have a legitimate right to pay their way and men are finding […]

What to say in a first message!

How we express ourselves is super important, and that written message will be the first contact that you make with someone, whom if you are writing to, we guess has caught your attention and is appealing enough to actually want to make contact with, and hopefully meet. Well at this point we really cannot stress […]

Ageing online how to make it work for you!

Ageing in the dating world. Recently many of the online dating sites and ardent dating bloggers all have been focusing on age, “Over 40 and dating for the first time, in your 60’s thinking, how does this dating online thing work for, widows and widowers dating for the first time since mourning.” All of the […]

The modern woman, has she become heartless?

An article this summer posted by the New York Times in which a recent survey was carried out with regards to how women behave today in our contemporary, digitalised, and egalitarian society. The study showed that one major change which has come very much to light, illuminated by the beam of novelty in expression, women […]

Dating over 60 in the modern world

Dating for the over 60’s on the world wide web For sure it can be both confusing and scary, which app, which website, how to take your selfie portrait photo, speaking about yourself, the immensity of choice, how to start an online conversation, understanding the online dating world’s language. We get it, we truly do.

Young girls find it normal to date a man old enough to be the father

It is practically the same history when a young lady sees an aged man and wants to have him as a partner. The search for love freedom and money has made young girls to date men old enough to be their parents. In the UK this is highly seen as the ladies are going after […]