To be or not to be a cougar

Cougar or not cougar that is the question ? If you look at the definition of cougar it says woman of 40+ who dates or has relationships with men18 years or more younger than herself. Well in this age of equality it is quite outrageous that the Cougar should be perceived so negatively, maybe Susan […]

Dating older men

Dating older men What are the ups and downs of dating an older man? It is often said that women grow up much faster than men or that they become emancipated faster than men too. Could these facts justify the fact that women find themselves in relationships with much older men than themselves? We have […]

Top 5 best dates ideas

After a nice met on the Internet or in the street, you get his number and you would both like to hook up? Do you lack inspiration, need some to have some ideas to make your date? No need to panic, you are at the right place. Let us share our Top 5 best date […]

The Online dating in 2019

Having revolutionized the world since its emergence in the 90s, the Internet is a tool that has become increasingly important today. Whether for work, for fun or for research, the Internet has become an essential element of our century. Coming to revolutionize the world, the internet did not come alone. With it also came online […]


  Proximeety is a free online dating site that offers you free inscription for both men and women, with the online chat line you can take all the time you need to get to know each other, proximeety is present through out the world and daily is matching couples with their soulmates and partners. We […]

Summer flirting dating games and a tip or two!

Summer loving, keeping coolkeeping it cool. It’s summer time, and we all enjoy a cool drink, whether it be that ice cold beer a nice long sex on the beach cocktail, a chilled glass of white wine or a good old classic Gin and Tonic. As we sip slowly by the pool or on the […]