Looking for an investor

We are looking for a Business Angel, a VC or anyone who will be able to provide us with financial support but also added value (whether in terms of experience or in terms of networking).

Context and objectives

In the history of Earth’s evolution, unlike dinosaurs, small mammals have constantly adapted to their environment. It is a little like that with us. Our company has existed since 2005 and since then we too have had to adapt and improve our resilience. In the new economy, unlike large organisations, the “sewer rat startup” has the ability to survive any accidents it encounters on the way.
But today, it is clear to us… All the big startups that dominate their market have gone through a fundraising phase. Therefore, we want to accelerate our development, change dimensions, etc.

Market and business model

“Do like sex?”

Sexual energy is probably the most powerful energy in the world. It sometimes makes people do crazy things (out of passion). The need to find a wife or a husband, the need to start a family is an almost vital, irrepressible necessity that will never cease.
There are currently 8 billion people on earth so as much to say that the demand seems unlimited. However, the dating market tends to concentrate more and more strongly around a few big players (and we have to follow suit). In the United States, 39% of heterosexual couples are formed on the internet and the number is up to 70% within the gay population.

Sky is the limit!

Until now, our business model was based exclusively on display advertising, affiliate programs and emailing campaigns.
These constitute passive incomes. This means that every click pays off and everything happens almost automatically, 24 hours a day, 365 days a week, anywhere in the world. We therefore think this is a scalable model, a potential cash machine with no limit or bottleneck (such as a restaurant or a bakery might have, for example). We also have no problems with storage, logistics or physical products to deliver.
We also want to significantly increase the sales of optional Freemium features. We now know how to package an effective Premium offer. The Freemium model is currently the most popular and profitable, whether in the world of apps or in the world of video games. The classic subscription model (Meetic.com) seems a little outdated.

For information, the famous website Badoo.com finally sold its activities in 2019 to the American investment fund Blackstone for a value of 3 billion dollars. Meanwhile, Tinder is the world leader. It belongs to the Match group (listed in the Nasdaq) and achieved an 800 million turnover in 2018. Tinder is the highest-grossing app in the world, ahead of Netflix and CandyCrush. At the same time, in France, the market leader, Meetic, achieved €126 million in turnover in 2018.

Our mission

“Happiness is only real when shared.” (quote from the film “Into the Wild”).

In more serious terms… Loneliness is without any doubt one of the worst things in life. It is also often synonymous with material poverty (for example, single mothers often have financial difficulties because they only have one salary to support the household). Children from single-parent families are statistically more likely to fail at school and eventually to fall into delinquency.
In the end, a lot of activities, websites and apps waste people’s time and they miss out on real life. We do not want to be put in that category. The services that we offer aim to improve people’s real lives.


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