Read an interesting headline in the New York Times, “dying dating” «Can I date while dying? »
What a thought, immediately you want to respond by saying « yes of course, we all need love ».
Then the good old saying « it is better to have loved and been love than to have never loved at all”.
But is that still true today, can we still believe in such fundamental values as that of love, in a world where singles are constantly being ghosted, bread crumbed and basically treated like garbage left on the side and just ignored.

Let us be honest the idea of dating with a serious health issue would simply be the next best thing to torture and suicide, all way too dangerous, not only for your body and mind but for your soul too, even those in good health suffer from the treatment they get from other singles in the online dating world. The question of dating while suffering from a terminal illness, nevertheless remains a real one.

The cliché of rushing to the toilette to vomit after chemo, is really far from the reality of just wanting to crawl up in a ball and just sleep, the treatment takes all the energy you have and the simple thought of having to get intimate or communicate is just
unimaginable. Your partner really needs to be able to take this onboard and not stick the label of rejection all over everything.

Making you feel not only rotten about yourself but also terribly guilty too. A wonderful formula to help you gain strength and rest. Dating someone who is has a terminal illness requires a great deal of strength and self-confidence, you need to be able to “not” make
things about you, how many people can truly take that onboard and cope? When you look at the behavior out there today of singles in the online dating world it truly makes you wonder about our abilities to be real human beings never mind care for someone who is just trying to get through each day and living every precious moment of life remaining to its fullest. One can just imagine waking up each day to the clock of life ticking constantly around them.

Dealing with the mood swings …
The medication can really play with your ups and downs and having someone by your side who knows when it’s the right time to leave you be and when it’s time for a good laugh and a cuddle, these listening skills can make so much of a difference to the balance of their day and mental state. Knowing that your soulmate understands soulmate and manage with all the nonverbal communication related to the condition and treatment, having someone that special understanding someone takes the all the additional stress away from both the illness and the relationship.

Could you cope, would your love be strong enough (great track from Diana Ross and the Supremes) to manage the day to day of someone else’s illness and your own fear of losing them?
Not only do singles on the dating world treat each other with such total contempt and cruelty that the idea of one them having the human qualities required to have a relationship with someone terminally ill, simply leaves a notion of doubt and shame, the shame of belonging to a civilization where people have become goods that are consumed then rejected or simply considered as past shelf life.

Please let us all wake-up and start to make the changes required to become humans again, there are people out there that suffer doubly from the behavior they receive and their illnesses. Come find likeminded singles that share the values of caring and loving in the free online dating world.