Ageing in the dating world.
Recently many of the online dating sites and ardent dating bloggers all have been focusing on age, “Over 40 and dating for the first time, in your 60’s thinking, how does this dating online thing work for, widows and widowers dating for the first time since mourning.” All of the above providing useful tips but missing the most honest point.
It’s not age the issue, it’s the ageing process in our society.

None speak about coping with your deteriorating cells, modifying skin texture, body forms changing, muscles sagging, the multiple aches and pains that grow silently, then comes that day when these aches and pains have become part of your wake up and getting up routine, and now this undignified image of your older self, taking the prescribed medication to keep pains and ailments at bay.

Before you used to just leap out of bed, “hit the ground running” as they say, only now it’s warm up time, get the blood flowing so as you can actually put your feet on the floor and walk without hobbling, due to arthritic joints which have swollen whilst you slept, or the “last night was a good night” as your shoulder and neck did not ache and keep you uncomfortably awake until late. Fighting off the eminent hip operation with a daily walk and stair climbing, it is with all this in mind that makes feeling sexy, hot, desirable a little tricky. When in opposition with the real world and our fake contemporary photoshopped standards, a youth all quite unattainable now. But hat is the whole point there is no need to cheat, just be who you are and when everything starts heading south, there really is not a lot anyone can do about it, except, accept it.

After all it is how things are meant to naturally be, and ageing is rather beautiful too, embrace the experience that it represents.

Reading an interview recently where some of the world’s top stars said, “that they regretted having Botox done”.

“That simply ageing was so much better than simply becoming numb!” N. Kiddman

But no one seems to be covering that story much, guess the plastic surgery lobby has a very long arm. Look around us; magazine covers, adverts, role model examples, public figures and so on… all rearranged to look younger, smoother, healthier, fitter and desirable, and where and when does aging get a chance or a voice?

Yet, those lines of laughter show someone who has truly laughed, those lines at the corners of the eyes show that many smiles have been shared, that sparkle in the eye telling us that fun is still in the air, ok, so before, you hopped out of the car and ran round to open the door, today things take more time but the same intention to charm is there, where ripping each other’s clothes off was part of the passion and game, here too things take more time, there is maybe less tearing but so much more tenderness has entered the game.

The important thing to remember is, ageing is part of the real world and online dating is a very real and sometimes cruel platform, so you need to be prepared for what awaits you, experience has shown though that one of the best ways to navigate through all this cyber activity, is good old honesty, so come on, ladies and gentlemen it’s time to be honest and let truth have it’s say.

Yes it’s ok to have aches and pains, it’s normal to go slower, it’s charming to let things take their time, we were all young once, inside we still are, we can all feel that younger “me” inside, catching the occasional glimpse of who we used to physically be somewhere in the back of your memory.
However, it is so much braver to live today. Enjoy aging now as it will only happen once, use it too to charm and seduce.

Here is our recipe for gaining on time; a pinch of yesterday, a spoon of here, a touch of now with a twist of tomorrow.