Dating older men
What are the ups and downs of dating an older man?
It is often said that women grow up much faster than men or that they become emancipated faster than men too. Could these facts justify the fact that women find themselves in relationships with much older men than themselves? We have taken a look at the question, and have some pros and cons regarding this style of relationship.

• On the up side :
He knows what he wants and no longer wants in life … With this type of man, no need for idle chit chat or to constantly be behind him, he knows what his needs are and requires no help in making things happen. Him being matured and experienced in life is a good thing too it creates a balance as girls are generally more mature than boys so the age gap here works to each ones advantage. When young couples are of a similar age the lack of maturity can cause uncertainties with basic decision and making simple choices becomes quite a problem.
When dating an older man such hesitations are history.
He has the experience of life
Having already been through the turmoil of life, he has known hardships and pain and knows how to minimize the risk of creating any more, allowing him and his experience to bring a form of wisdom to the relationship, if you let him take your heart he will no doubt be able to deal with your past, as you share experiences and giving trust some space where the relationship can grow.
He has a sense of comfort
Starting out in life is no easy thing and to make a good living when you young is really hard, however if you date an older man, he already has his career and knows how to spend and save his money and he has already put himself on the property ladder and all these points lead to stability. If you and your soulmate wish to wiz away for a romantic weekend at the drop of a hat you can, the freedom of dating someone established in life is a great feeling of security; you can also occasionally go out shopping without having to worry too much about the next day.
• The down side:
Facing the world
The general public seems to have a preconceived idea about women dating older men; they see them as “gold diggers”. How many of us have not already said… “He is old enough to be her father”; “she could be his daughter”! As sad as it is, in the eyes of the general public a woman who dates an older man is basic in the relationship for his money.
A shift in the way of apprehending life and the future:
The age gap can be a point where opinions, lifestyles, values and communication differ, as each generation has its specifics. The subject
which separates couples via the age gap the most is, children. In the case of an older man dating a younger women, he has already done the children thing and now he enjoys his renewed freedom and independence, where as she is in her prime for a child and dreams of starting a family. This is a tough one to solve!
The difficulty of being accepted by the other’s children:
Finally and most probably the biggest difficulty to overcome is your partner’s children. The older companion having already had children in a previous relationship may not be up for trying to be part of the family unit, and has no intention to get involved with his partners kids. However should his partners children be of a more adult age where clear communication can be a tool where maybe they might find some common interest that facilitate the exchange and help to build a relationship.

So to conclude the article, love moves in mysterious ways and whether you have one two or three decades between you, you only have one life so out there and love and live it!