After a nice met on the Internet or in the street, you get his number and you would both like to hook up? Do you lack inspiration, need some to have some ideas to make your date? No need to panic, you are at the right place. Let us share our Top 5 best date ideas for you and your future date.

Eat in a good Restaurant or Coffee shop:

No need to go to a 5-star cafe or a well known restaurant to enjoy your partner’s company. Instead keep ti low key and go to a nice coffee shop or not too noisy restaurant where gourmet products are to order this just adds a hint of perfection, some soft music playing and big soft and fluffy chairs to flop into, that gives you a feeling of security, and where you can chill as you chit chat and discuss life past, present and future, because, the most important thing about a date is to share and learn from the person we have in front of us. Enjoying the calm of your chosen place you should feel at ease as you both share and talk about your different experiences in life and other point of interest that you share.

Organize a picnic kick your shoes off and spread your toes in the grass

Away from the humming sounds of the city and closer to nature, if of course the weather allows, why not put together a great picnic hamper, add some treats and nicely chilled drinks to your basket then head for a river bank with your sweetheart? Sitting on a soft blanket, contemplating nature’s peaceful beauty and surrounded by cushions. As you absorb the instant, surrounded by lush greenery, the birds singing as you while away the moment talking peacefully about your different experiences in life.

Give yourselves a cooking experience together.

Men like women who know how to cook and the same for women, they like men who know how to get behind the stove with no shame too. If you are not very good at cooking, there are plenty of cooking videos constantly coming up on the Internet, so you could try a bunch of recipes together and have a good time learning a fun dish. To make it more fun, invite your sweetheart to prepare his favorite feast with you and you can learn what they like and then finish the cooking experience by eating your dinner romantically togethe.

A skateboard / roller blades / roller skates outing

You’re a fan of wheeled sports, be it skateboarding or rollerblading, It’s time to enhance your 90’s trumps and awaken your talents of the past for a small romantic outing. Along the docks, on a country road or in the city, this means of transport on wheels is absolutely perfect for sharing, laughing and swapping.


A first date determines your personality and defines a moment in the relationship you will have with your future partner. Thus, Bowling is a way to put a little competition or complicity between you, it makes the first dates easier. This will allow you to exchange and create a kind of complicity with your partner. So, whether it’s big or small, have fun with a stranger in a bowling alley, and finish off with a nice drink while remembering the best moments of your bowling game.