Should you date someone with Tattoos?

The symbolism of tattoos from simple black ink to colorful explosions

First of all the size of the tattoos has a meaning in its self, if it is a small Glyphs style (i.e. a small triangle with a line through it at the top). Then it is has been chosen for the immensity of its strength in meaning with no correlation to the smallness of its size, which could indicate a shy personality but someone who reflects on the boundaries of life, definitely worth dating if not for the potential conversation.

The rose now there’s a classic, however if the rose is only done in black ink, then it illustrates a lost close loved one, where if the rose is in color then obviously this stands for love, passion, lust for life and an adventurous personality (just check that any other name than yours can easily be erased or transformed).

Cherry trees and their blossom representing both beauty and the fragility of life, old life or new life, together at the same time, there is no gender for this tattoo but it is popular with women celebrating life, or the birth of a child, among some men the cherry tree is a reminder of a close loved one has.

Passed and also symbolizes the fragility of life, both sentimentalist are worth dating wouldn’t you say?!

Wings symbolizing freedom and that the beholder belongs to no one, they are free to fly away whenever the escape calls to do so. The size of the wings has no influences on your ability to fly away, the size and coloring depends purely on the personality of the person wearing the wings. There must definitely be a story to those wings that could be worth hearing on a quite date night.

The key to choosing a tattoo is the meaning behind it, the male or female aspect is ultimately unimportant; one should never choose a tattoo by influence but always for the personnel meaning it holds.

Small or large stars are the symbol of truth, hope and light, they encourage us to advance through dark times whilst they light the way. Some champagne as you listen to the tales behind the stars.

Every tattoo has a tale and although they might not be your cup of tea, we all enjoy a good story, so our advice is let the tattoo tell you it’s tale and you might just fall in love with the storyteller.