Summer loving, keeping cool

summer loving, keeping cool.
keeping it cool.

It’s summer time, and we all enjoy a cool drink, whether it be that ice cold beer a nice long sex on the beach cocktail, a chilled glass of white wine or a good old classic Gin and Tonic. As we sip slowly by the pool or on the beach lounger, it’s time to remember also that you want to stay in control of your game, all those drinks are great to sit back and unwind with and after all you are on holiday right!
You have worked your dating app to get you to meet this great match, you’re working on getting a real relationship going, and after months of online chatting where you probably played up a bit and exaggerated your ability to drink, now is the time to clear the record.
We have all been there, we have all wanted to impress and show off a little by having that one too many a drink, but this is the time for you to check yourself, you may have met on a free dating app but that does not mean that you have to be over free or over play the part now in real life.
These are the first steps right here to the very foundations of what is to be a long lasting relationship, this special one has taken you months to find and so the question you want to be asking yourself now is, “How do I want to play this? What would be the more healthy way forward now?”
Then give yourself some thinking time, then quietly together simply talk about what you both want and expect from the relationship, find out what your soulmate is looking for, what do they dream of deep down inside then figure out how your ambition and goals could come together. This holiday time is where each of you are away from social roleplay and this precious time alone together, allows you both to really get to know each other and share so much more.

So don’t spoil the chance of growing closer to your soulmate by over drinking, as you try to take the edge off life, acknowledge the responsibility of real life and how it can grow, don’t let the temptation to over drink kill the authenticity of the moment,take the chance to discover who you can be and who you wish to be when with your soulmate, love makes us grow. These over rated nights of alcohol romance are such a fake representation of the real world, whether on or offline and can be totally misleading, in character and personality, so the question is, why take that risk?