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Online dating and racism at we see a positive side…

It would appear that singles are using online dating apps to help them select their soulmate by race and color before character, personality, chemistry and humor after all we know just how sexy  making someone laugh can be,

however what are the reasons for this sort of soulmate seeking ?

Among a group of middle-aged singles the first examples given were, cultural differences which match, having had the more curious approach in the 80’s as to who exotic other was, it seems that today people between 50-70 really just what to be with someone who understands them, shares the same cultural backgrounds, core values and even language, never mind the continent of origin or place of birth, is truly is about spending prime time with that special soulmate. However among the younger generation joining the world of online dating the approach to race, color, cultural differences is quite the opposite the population of singles between 20-35 is eager to meet a soulmate that most defiantly is not from a similar social, cultural, racial background as their own, looking for a mixed view on life and a desire to develop a relationship that stretches boundaries and opens horizons with the goal of understanding each ones cultural heritage.

“This is not racism as there is no negative prejudice or impact on the person or persons life in anyway” says a regular online dater interviewed by the Huffington Post

The truth is that today we live in a digital world where everything is down to a question of swipes, it only takes a few swipes to see who you are looking for, who you want to hook up with, who you feel is a potential soulmate, and the solution is more located in that simple gesture, do we truly take the “time” to see who we are swiping away and why, life has become a constant catalog where we “swipe” and “like” so the best advice is slow down, look around, open up and let curious become a new key world and stretch that comfort zone just a little, you might end up making a friend if not your soulmate.