Hi there all, the summer is on its way and

those profile pics looking as good as you can. Our tips to help you put your best foot forwards is:

  1. Take off the sunglasses and let your eyes be the windows of your soul, show who you truly are at heart and let the color shine through.

  2. Sit up or stand up straight with your shoulders back and then slightly twist your wait and move your shoulders to an angle across you then, turn slightly to your right or left depending on which profile you think shows you at your best, then slightly tilt your chin down just a little, then look at the camera, you will find that by using these angles, you will appear less flat in the photo.

  3. Wear something that illustrates your personality, your sense of humor, try not to reveal too much, after all imagination is not such a bad teaser either.

  4. Lighting is important too, not too dark and not too bright either, we all have those apps, that help to adjust our photos, but try not to over use them either, keep yourself true to who you really are, soft light from in front and from the sides should help to remove shadows from the face and dark rings under the eyes and give you a nice smooth look to your photo.

  5. If you need eye glasses then keep them on as they are part of your features too, and it makes life easier if you can see what you are doing too when you take your photo. You spent time choosing those specs so keep them on!

  6. Now how much of you do you want in the photo can be another tough question, but think about showing more of your face, put your features forward, smile, eyes, dimples, even wrinkles can be sexy, then remove any clutter that be in the photo too,  so that only your face takes up the profile spot. Then shoot away, you can always change tops, shirts, t-shirts, jacket, ties, scarves as you play along, some colors make cone complexion stand out better than others.

  7. If you feel uncomfortable taking your own profile photo then ask a friend to come along and help you, or if they have any good photos of you then to send them to you, often our friends see us differently and the regard they have can be rather flattering, and it’s all part of the profile pic learning curve!

Ok so those tips should help you improve your profile pics and put you in the center.

Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing some new pics too